Yandex at ICML 2019

June 3, 2019

As a company that uses machine learning in all of our products and services, we’re committed to advancing the field and contributing to the global AI community through research and open-sourcing. Within the Machine Intelligence and Research Division at Yandex, we conduct research on Machine Learning, NLP and Machine Translation, Computational Economics, computer vision, and web mining and data, among other topics.

Sharing our work and collaborating at conferences is an essential part of our commitment to being a leader in machine learning. To that end, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be attending the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2019) as a Silver Sponsor. Various members of the Yandex AI team will be present at our booth, and they’ll also be leading ICML Expo talks and presenting papers.

In addition to presenting papers at the conference, at the Yandex booth, members of our team will host lightning talks on several technologies we developed in house. We will feature lightning talks on CatBoost, our open-source gradient boosting library; Meteum, the weather forecasting engine that powers our intelligent weather service; and our self-driving car, which has navigated public roads in three countries.

If you’ll be at ICML 2019, please visit us at our booth located in Hall C and join us for our various talks throughout the week.

Yandex Paper presentations at ICML: 

Yandex ICML Booth Lightning talks: 

  • CatBoost –The New Generation of Gradient Boosting 
    Anna Veronika Dorogush, Head of Machine Learning Systems
    Tuesday, June 11, 10:30 
  • Deploying Robotaxis Around the World 
    Andrey Rykov, Software developer, Victor Yurchenko, Software developer 
    Tuesday, June 11, 15:30 
  • Machine Learning for Weather Forecast Service 
    Alexander Ganshin, Head of Meteorology 
    Wednesday, June 12, 10:30

Yandex ICML Expo Talks: