Tutorials at SIGMOD and CVPR

June 10, 2020

We’re excited to announce that this June Yandex will conduct two tutorials on data collection and labeling via crowdsourcing on top data science conferences SIGMOD/PODS 2020 and CVPR 2020, which will both take place on June 14-19 and entirely online. Tutorials will focus on various real-world implementations of data science, which we deliver through our intelligent products and services. Data science for practical use has been powering the Yandex ecosystem for well over a decade, but we are continuously searching for opportunities to improve our technologies and share our knowledge with the community. 

We are looking forward to sharing our research, techniques and best practices at SIGMOD/PODS, the leading data management forum, and at CVPR, the premier annual computer vision conference. Our half-day tutorial at SIGMOD will cover crowdsourcing for information retrieval and our full-day tutorial at CVPR will focus on crowdsourcing implementation for data labeling for self-driving cars. Every tutorial will include practice parts where the participants will launch their own projects on one of the largest crowdsourcing marketplaces, Yandex.Toloka. 

We will be happy to see you at Yandex tutorials! 

Half-day Online Tutorial: 
"Crowdsourcing Practice for Efficient Data Labeling: Aggregation, Incremental Relabeling, and Pricing" by Alexey Drutsa, Valentina Fedorova, Dmitry Ustalov, Evfrosiniya Zerminova, Olga Megorskaya, Daria Baidakova
Sunday, June 14, 2020, 8:00am-11:30am 

Full-day Online Tutorial: 
"Efficient Data Annotation for Self-Driving Cars via Crowdsourcing on a Large-Scale" by Alexey Drutsa, Denis Rogachevsky, Olga Megorskaya, Daria Baidakova, Ivan Semchuk 
Monday, June 15, 2020, 9:00am-5:00pm